Together, we create the most distinctive and integrated welding solutions for the construction of reliable and sustainable pipelines. As a family business, we think long term. Dedicated and continuously improving, we always challenge ourselves to go the extra mile.

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PWT AUTO XCS Welding system

The PWT AUTO XCS welding system is reliable and flexible using a special process for root-pass welding (with or without copper backing), Advanced Pulse for fill/cap and FCAW for tie-ins and crossings.


XC185 Paywelder

The Paywelder XC185 is a multipurpose pipeline welding tractor designed as auxiliary vehicle for automatic pipe welding and other applications.


WTE Welding Tent

The WTE welding tent offers full protection from environmental conditions and any exposures that may affect the welding process.

About us

Over 30 years, the family company has developed itself into a trusted provider of automatic welding solutions for both pipeline construction and fabrication applications.

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