About us

Qapqa Group specializes in the design of high-quality, integrated solutions for automatic pipe welding. Over 30 years, the family company has developed itself into a trusted provider of automatic welding solutions for both pipeline construction and fabrication applications.

We are winner of a prestigious innovation award, and we have an excellent reputation as a one-source supplier. Our in-depth welding knowledge and our contribution to the development of local content are important added values towards our customers. We have a blue-chip client base including renowned companies in the Oil & Gas industry.

In 2020 we acquired the PWT-division of ITW Welding, making us able, better than ever before, to take the next steps in further developing turn-key automatic welding solutions. As a result, we are continuously able to offer the latest automatic welding technology.


Core Values

No matter what the circumstances are, or what happens in our environment, our core values are the basis for everything we do. They lead us in our actions with clients, colleagues and all our stake holders.

  • Integrity – we respect
    We care about being open, honest and respectful. In order to do good business, there must always be trust.

  • Responsibility – we care
    We care about what we do and for whom we do it. We acknowledge and accept responsibility in everything we do.

  • Entrepreneurship – we act
    We believe in actions rather than words.

  • Innovation – we improve
    We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. In order to stay relevant, we are continuously improving and adapting to society's changing needs.

Quality | Health | Safety | Environment

To Qapqa, quality is about satisfying the clients’ needs and meeting their expectations. We are ISO 9001 certified and believe that excellent quality allows for long-term, sustainable business.
Health & Safety
Work-related injuries and illnesses can and must be prevented. Qapqa is ISO45001 certified and attaches great importance to a safe and healthy work environment. We support and promote the awareness of healthy practices among employees by organizing First Aid Groups and programs to prevent illnesses (un)related to the workplace. Additionally, we have implemented safety practices to encourage personnel to reduce and prevent risks. We conduct hazard identification, risk assessment, the implementation of safe practices and technological improvements, including training and certification.
Qapqa is committed to develop a long-term sustainable business by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and by making efficient use of natural resources and energy. We have taken action to contribute to a better environment. For example, in our facilities we use geothermal heating systems in order to achieve lower energy consumption. Qapqa is fully aligned with ISO 14001.